Monday, January 24, 2011


Oh good lord!  Hey to everyone reading [: I think you should know some things about me before we begin this long freaking journey together huh? Well. As you can see this is a pro ana/mia get me thin now f u fat type of place. [: I do not consider myself ana or mia. I am not psycho about weighing myself everyday and I don't throw up my food. But I eat usually 300-700 calories a day and fast once a week. I decided to do this blog to help support people and myself! We all need help sometimes right? I was 120 pounds last year at 5'8". Now I am 5'10" and 145 pounds. I was 155 two months ago, so I am striving for 120 again before April. Agh! I really let myself go for a long time. I started up again a week ago/ But don't dwell on the wrong just hop back on with the right. My parents do NOT realize that I eat so little. I don't have distant parents or an abusive living place or anything. I just plan strategically so they never realize. Not even my best friend notices! [:  okay okay enough about my whole life right? jeez.
So today I had some serious trouble today! I ate 3 cookies and a hershey's sundae pie piece. then a lot of rice. Other than that I had a package of oatmeal. A fiberone bar. And a diet coke. GRR. Tomorrow I gotta try again! :P Hmm. that's it for now really [:  So please ask me any questions or for any advice I am here to help really. If you want me to add something to the site or whatever just let me know! And PLEASE please please no hate here, I mean if you think I'm a horrible person okay cool broski do you baby do you. but don't hate on fans or other commenters that is seriously rude. :D peace love and slim! -tt

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A note from Ana

A Note From Ana

So you are craving food right now, huh?  What do you think you are doing?!  Don't you adre go anywhere near food!  Don't touch it, don't even think about eating it.  What do you want to become, a fat cow?!  I am your best friend, and if you eat, you are failing me and letting me down.  If you eat, it shows how little self control you have.  That pain in your stomach right now, that is me, and that is your fat melting away.  When you feel empty, it means you are empty of your sins.  Summer is coming.  You want to be able to walk around at the beach in your bikini, don't you?  You want to be able to walk around in your bikini with your flat, firm little stomach and your toned little thighs.  You want to be able to run your hand over your stomach and feel your ribs.  You want to go to the shops and see that skimpy outfit and know you would look damn good in it.  You made a commitment to me.  I am your life, am obsession.  Don't break what we have.  I will give you everything you want, but you have to give me what I want.  And I want you to stay away from food.  Go have some water.  Go drink some tea or coffee.  Or better yet, go to the gym fattie!  Don't show me what little self control you have.  Don't defy me.  You know that if you go and eat right now, you will end up standing over the toilet, puking it all up until you see blood and water and your stomach is aching.  You will regret eating as soon as those calories and fat slip past you tonsils and down into your body to that extra roll of fat on your stomach.  You are going to get cellulite.  You are going to look like a typical fat soccer mom.  I can give you so much.  I can give you a great body.  Show me your control and I will show you a flat stomach.  Show me you love me and can keep me a secret and stay away from food and I'll give you those shaped little thighs.  Show me you can run until you drop and I will give you a cute ass.  You love me.  If you eat now and throw away what you are working for, I will hate you.  And you know you will hate yourself.  You have a meal plan, you have goals and dreams.  Don't throw that all away.  Don't give up what you really want, for something you want now.  Don't eat fattie.  Don't fail me.  Don't eat.

and in the beginning...

Dear users, I hope this blog can help give you hope and ideas. Here we are all looking for one thing. Thin. We will accept everyone here, Pro Ana, Pro Mia, or just simply those trying to get thin. I will try to make improvements! Thanks[:

Don't ever let people tell you what you are doing is wrong, or terrible, because those people do not understand. We cannot be judged. Accept us for who and what we are. Weakness is a state of mind.