Monday, January 24, 2011


Oh good lord!  Hey to everyone reading [: I think you should know some things about me before we begin this long freaking journey together huh? Well. As you can see this is a pro ana/mia get me thin now f u fat type of place. [: I do not consider myself ana or mia. I am not psycho about weighing myself everyday and I don't throw up my food. But I eat usually 300-700 calories a day and fast once a week. I decided to do this blog to help support people and myself! We all need help sometimes right? I was 120 pounds last year at 5'8". Now I am 5'10" and 145 pounds. I was 155 two months ago, so I am striving for 120 again before April. Agh! I really let myself go for a long time. I started up again a week ago/ But don't dwell on the wrong just hop back on with the right. My parents do NOT realize that I eat so little. I don't have distant parents or an abusive living place or anything. I just plan strategically so they never realize. Not even my best friend notices! [:  okay okay enough about my whole life right? jeez.
So today I had some serious trouble today! I ate 3 cookies and a hershey's sundae pie piece. then a lot of rice. Other than that I had a package of oatmeal. A fiberone bar. And a diet coke. GRR. Tomorrow I gotta try again! :P Hmm. that's it for now really [:  So please ask me any questions or for any advice I am here to help really. If you want me to add something to the site or whatever just let me know! And PLEASE please please no hate here, I mean if you think I'm a horrible person okay cool broski do you baby do you. but don't hate on fans or other commenters that is seriously rude. :D peace love and slim! -tt

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  1. Hello! I have just started my own pro-ana/thinspiration blog as well! Here it is below:

    I'd love it if you followed my blog! I want to find people to share comments, thinspirations and ana experiences with. Stay slim!!